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Drug addiction is a serious problem that a lot of people in the United States are forced to deal with every single day. Not only are addicts impacted -- family members and friends can feel the brunt of a serious addiction as well. That's why seeking help for drug withdrawal in Charleston is so important if you want to regain control of your life.

When you use drugs on a regular basis, you can quickly build up a tolerance. That can then turn to addiction as you use more and more. Once you've developed an emotional and physical addiction, going through treatment for drug withdrawal in Charleston is one of the best options for getting clean.

Addiction can impact your life negatively in many ways, but it's never too late to change. Seek help today so you can begin going through drug withdrawal in Charleston, as well as alcohol withdrawal in Charleston, in a safe, effective manner.

What is Drug Withdrawal?

Drug withdrawal is what happens when an addict who is emotionally and physically addicted to drugs stops using. For some addicts, the experience is rather mild, though this is usually only the case when a short-term user stops taking drugs. Long-term addicts often find that drug withdrawal symptoms are somewhat severe.

In many cases, withdrawal is what makes addicts who want to quit unable to do so. You'll even find that many people who want to beat addiction altogether stay addicted for years because withdrawal symptoms can be so bad.

Seek help for drug withdrawal in Charleston and this doesn't have to be your fate.

What Causes Drug Withdrawal?

Drug withdrawal occurs because your mind and body are addicted to a particular substance. When you take this substance away, your body is unable to rebel. You will often feel sick or like something is wrong when you first start going through withdrawal.

Unfortunately, withdrawal is not always a quick process. Long-term users can suffer from withdrawal for a week, with some symptoms lasting even longer. That's why professional treatment is always recommended when it comes to drug withdrawal.

Is Drug Withdrawal Dangerous?

Withdrawal can be dangerous for long-term addicts. Even people who have been using heavily for a few months are at risk of serious complications related to quitting drugs. While quitting is definitely a good thing for your health, doing it the right way can put you at risk.

Seek professional help for withdrawal so you don't suffer potentially serious ramifications.

Drug Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Addiction is often misunderstood, but being able to figure out if you're an addict is essential if you're seeking help. Common drug addiction signs and symptoms include:

  • Hiding your drug addiction from the people around you because you're ashamed of your use.
  • Trying to quit, but being unable to do so for more than a few days on your own.
  • Avoiding situations where you cannot use drugs.
  • Using drugs in dangerous situations like at work, with children or in the car.
  • Dealing with legal trouble, trouble at work, home or school because of your drug use. It's rare that an addict can manage their lives effectively for long.

Drug Treatment Options

You do have options when it comes to drug treatment that can help you quit. You're not alone in the fight against addiction. The two most common drug treatment options include:

  • Inpatient treatment in Charleston. This residential treatment gives addicts a safe place to live while beating drugs. Programs often last 30 days and combine medicine and therapy.
  • Outpatient treatment. Outpatient programs let addicts remain at home to enjoy a family support system. Regular meetings are common in outpatient programs along with various forms of therapy. Medication is used in some cases, but not all because of the more relaxed nature of treatment.

Reach out for help today so you can begin the process of changing your life once and for all. It may be a long road ahead, but it is something you can handle.

The thought of going through drug withdrawal in Charleston alone should be frightening to you. Some addicts don't recover and get healthy again. With professional help on your side though, you don't have to be one of the ones that stay addicted. Contact Charleston Alcohol Treatment Centers today (304) 356-3217.

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